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Catan Scenarios: Oil Springs

Catan Scenarios: Oil Springs

3 − 6 Players
Ages 12+
60 Minutes

This is an expansion and needs the Settlers of Catan to play.
Part #:0543116
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Catan Scenarios: Oil Springs

In Catan Scenarios: Oil Springs settlers arriving on Catan will cry "Eureka!" as they discover black gold on the island for the first time. This resource brings great opportunity but also danger to the intrepid settlers as they make their mark on the island, claiming it for their own.

First, the good news: Oil can increase resource yields and allow a settlement to grow much faster than normal. The bad news is that players need to monitor the damage their oil use does to the environment and will eventually have to contend with global climate devastation which can result in all players losing the game!

Catan Scenarios: Oil Springs brings home the challenges and opportunities of the current global economy to players while adding more fun and complexity to the Catan experience.

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